Henna Tips To Master The Art

Looking for some of the best henna tips to create beautiful designs? We got you covered. 

Henna designs are much loved all over the world, especially during special occasions. They have been a part of many cultures in the past and they have been going strong since then. These designs have not just been a showpiece but also a form of art. That is why this art needs some tips so that you can get them right. This article will definitely be helpful for beginners as well as henna artists. 

So, first things first. 

How to prepare a henna paste?

Before we start with the henna design tips, it’s important that you know how to make a paste to get started. After all, this sets a base for the whole procedure. 

Step 1: Put Henna Powder into a bowl and add water to make a paste. Make a paste that is not too runny and not too dense.  

Step 2: Pro henna tips – Cover this bowl using plastic wrap to let it set for at least 4 hours. This will let the dye release.

Step 3: Fill individual cones with this natural henna paste. 

Step 4: Put the henna cones in the fridge until you are ready to use them.


Best Henna Tips To Master The Art Of Mehendi Designs

Did you know there is a lot more to henna body art than just applying it and letting it dry? If not, then these are the tips that are a must-follow. These will help in achieving a better henna stain. What more? You can implement these at home. 

  • Pick A Good Henna Paste

A good henna paste may go a long way in helping you not only with a dark stain, but also with ease in designing.

  • Practice Makes Perfect

Perfecting the art of henna requires following the most coveted henna tips religiously and making sure you can create the designs effortlessly. The practice goes on for even the professional henna artists. 

Henna Designs Tips From Experts

  • Copy Henna Designs

The best way to learn henna body art is by creating the exact copy of simple (at first) and intricate (later) designs. 

  • Figure Out Your Preferred Cone Type

There are many types of henna cones out there – long and thin, short and fat, etc. As the henna designs also depend on the cone, you should go for the one that feels the most comfortable. 


Henna Aftercare Tips

Done with your henna design? Time to follow a few aftercare henna tips to make the most of the beautiful design that you made. After all, we all want our mehendi to stay on for a longer period of time. 

  • Lemon Juice & Sugar
    Sugar and lemon juice have been used as a remedy for henna aftercare for ages. This is one of the evergreen henna tips. All you have to do is take a bowl of lemon juice and mix some sugar in it until it gets a syrup-like consistency. Dab a cotton ball into it and blot the mixture on your skin once the henna dries.
    Henna Tips - Lemon & Sugar
  • Coconut Oil
    You can also use coconut oil after you have scraped off the dry henna from your skin. This worked great overnight and when you don’t have to wash your hands frequently. After this, you will definitely wake up with a dark henna stain. 
  • Body Temperature
    Body temperature also plays a role in the pigmentation of henna. Experts recommend that you drink something hot before starting. Steaming the area where henna is applied also helps with imparting the stain to the ski faster.  

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