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Wondering if the phenomenon around weight loss herb is real? Well, this article is a must-read for you! When you are working on losing weight, you should do so in a healthy manner. The urge to lose weight fast often leads to many people doing things that are not good for their health. Below,

BAQ Henna Powder refers to Body Art Quality Henna Powder. It is one of the first and in most, cases, the only choice for henna artists. But why? Let us tell you! Also, you’ll get to know about the much-needed tips to use this wonderful henna product.  Henna is the most popular form of

Leave it to some of the best henna suppliers like Natural Herbal to provide the most effective henna products for body art and hair dye.  Have you been considering henna as a hair dye alternative to other dyes? Then you will be making a good decision since it is natural. As you know, henna

Are you fond of the monsoons but hate the way your skin reacts to the weather? Well, you are not alone because the humid weather brings its share of skin infections for others too. High humidity causes the skin to be extra oily and even dry for some. This leads to skin problems

Skeptical of wanting to dye hair with henna? Well, you won't find a more natural hair dye. It doesn't contain any harsh chemicals which can harm your hair and scalp.  Did you know that henna conditions your hair making it sleeker and healthier? Yes, unlike other synthetic dyes it does not interfere with the