In the last few years, the demand for healthy food has exponentially risen due to the unprecedented global pandemic. It has completely changed the pattern and routine of human beings. In correspondence to this, the pandemic has increased the awareness

Hair color dye is just an expression of something different that you want to have or something creative. And who doesn’t love to color their hair? Nowadays, changing colors of hair has become a trend and in vogue now. The

Do me a favor, let’s play Holi! Yeye, the most colorful and vibrant festival of India is just around the corner and we have started gearing up for carefree fun.  The time to celebrate and lose yourself while playing with

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Our hair often goes through a lot of stress. Starting from the knots we tie it into the various chemicals we apply on it. Now winter is here. And it's known for compounding that stress by causing dryness and dullness

It’s a sure thing to lose a couple of hair strands daily. But when you find your hair strands fill up your floors and beddings, it becomes significant that you check your hair condition. If you’ve been noticing excess hair