Henna Powder Top Facts

Henna Powder – A Natural Hair-Healer  

Are you embarrassed of the untimely graying of the precious strands of your hair and want to get rid of them? Well, before we come on to the solution, we need to analyse the problem. Graying of hair can be due to various reasons, most common of which are the factors of aging and genetics. Some people have lustrous dense hair, but some are facing untimely whitening of hair due to the genetic factors whereas, some people face gray hair due to their age. It is obvious that both these reasons can’t be eliminated completely, so what is the solution then? The solution is quite simple. Not just simple, but easily available and pocket-friendly as well. Its HENNA POWDER

Henna powder is as we all know a natural product, that never harms or deteriorate the quality of your hair. This powder is not one of them, but the only solution to this perpetual problem of gray hair. 

Top Myths Of Using Henna Powder

Henna powders are extremely safe, affordable and easily available anywhere – online as well as in stores or shops near you. It not just act as hair colouring agents, but also are a cure for so many other hair problems like hair fall, roughness, dryness and even frizzy hairs. This means that even if you do not have the problem of white hair, you can use henna powder to simply improve the quality of your hair as well as maintain it if your hair quality has degraded because of unhealthy reasons like pollution and chemicals. 

However, some people feel that henna has many disadvantages tagged along with it, so here comes some myth-busters that will eliminate any possibility of doubt that you might have in mind over the efficiency of henna powder. 

1. Using Lemon Extract in my Henna Powder 

Some people feel that if they mix lemon extract in their powder, then it will give them better results. 

Fact: This is the worst practice as lemon juice is acidic in nature and can erode the natural oil and colour off your hair.

2. Frozen Powder 

Some people feel that before application, henna needs to be kept frozen for achieving better results. 

Fact: This is totally not required as henna powder is a natural remedy for hair problems and will never go bad even if it is kept outside at normal temperatures. However, if you decide to mix henna with something else to make a paste, then you might need to refrigerate it to increase its life. 

3. Henna makes the hair Brittle 

Many stylists reject the idea of using henna powder outrightly because they feel that if henna is used over bleached hair, it will make the hair brittle hence reducing the quality of hair. 

Fact: Well, this is just a myth and the only form of henna that can harm your hair is ‘black henna’ which is commonly known as ‘kali mehendi’ because it is partially natural and mostly chemical in nature. 

Camilla Henna Powder

4. Henna Makes the Hair Straw-like 

Another myth about henna powder is that if used regularly, it can make your hair rough and straw-like, snatching the natural smoothness and charm of your hair. 

Fact: Well, this clearly is nothing but a misconception as henna powder is 100% natural and the only thing that can destroy your hair quality is the chemicals. So, next time if anyone defames henna, you must remember that it is the chemicals that damage the hair starting from hair roots to strands and not a natural product. However, if you purchase a Camilla Henna Powder from Natural Herbal, you won’t be facing issues of the chemical mix. As it is advisable to not mix the natural henna with any chemical and use it because it can again engulf the naturalness of your product and ruin your hair. 

Natural Herbal for Natural Henna Powder 

Natural Henna Leaves

Now that we have already eradicated all the myths about using henna powder on your hair and you know its advantages. Now you need to know who supplies the best quality and genuine natural and authentic henna powder. Natural Herbal has a wide range of henna products, and it deals not only in henna, but also in a wide range of other products too. It creates henna powder extracted from raw henna leaves, so that the buyers can be assured about its quality and authenticity. Natural Herbal is a leading supplier of henna powder but if one wants to be more sure, then you can also get genuine and natural henna leaves from them as they are leading henna leaves suppliers too. 

So, next time when you think of getting rid of your hair problems, Think Natural, Think Henna!

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