Natural Hair Dye

Skeptical of wanting to dye hair with henna? Well, you won’t find a more natural hair dye. It doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals which can harm your hair and scalp. 

Did you know that henna conditions your hair making it sleeker and healthier? Yes, unlike other synthetic dyes it does not interfere with the pH balance of your hair. Plus, if you have thin hair then you should dye your hair with henna. It tends to bind with the hair making it thicker over time. 

Lastly, it is time that you say goodbye to frequent hair dying because the henna stays for a longer period of time. 

How To Dye Hair With Henna?

A majority of people have to dye their hair. But there are a lot of henna hair dyes in the market to choose from. Therefore, you must choose henna for hair that is completely organic. It protects your hair and scalp from allergic reactions. You can check legit natural henna suppliers like the Natural Herbal. 

Henna For Hair

Now coming straight to the topic, here is an easy technique on how to dye hair with henna. 

What Do You Need?

  1. Henna Powder by Natural Herbal
  2. Warm water
  3. Plastic wrap
  4. Mixing bowl

Steps To Follow

  1. Wash your hair thoroughly until it is free from oil and dirt. This will make sure that the hair dye lasts longer. 
  2. Mix the natural henna powder with warm water until it is as thick as cake batter. But remember to mix according to your hair length and texture. 
  3. Wear an old shirt to protect your clothes in case there is spillage.
  4. Comb your hair and divide it into four quarters. 
  5. Wear gloves to protect your hands. 
  6. Apply the henna dye mixture in the four sections one at a time. Start by applying from the roots to the tips of your hair.
    Dye Hair With Henna
  7. Wrap your hair with plastic wrap. 
  8. Set a timer for 2-3 hours.
  9. Afterward, rinse your hair with water and apply a conditioner. 

Common Mistakes To Avoid:

Different people have their views about henna hair dye. And it is about time that we bust some common mistakes:

  1. Henna for hair is a natural component that only stains in one color; red. Commercial henna dye exists in various colors but they are a result of mixing herbs and additives. 
  2. Always buy henna hair dye that is 100% natural and pure. Although there are other color variants, buy one with natural additives from genuine henna suppliers.
  3. Henna does not bleach your hair since it doesn’t contain any chemicals. 
  4. If you are looking to darken your brown hair then use black henna hair dye. You can mix the indigo powder with henna powder for the best results.
  5. If you use 100% pure henna, then you can use hair treatments and chemicals. However, you need to give your hair a break in between after applying the natural product. 

Natural Henna For Hair

Tips On How To Use Henna Hair Dye 

Now that you know how to dye hair with henna your next question must be how do you make it last? Here are some tips that will make you forego salon appointments for a while. 

  1. Mix henna hair dye with amla powder. Use a ratio of 3:1 and let the mixture sit for 8-12 hours before applying it to your hair. 
  2. Substitute water with beer because the latter will give your hair a natural shine. 
  3. If you want to reduce the redness of the henna, add 2 tbsp of apple cider and lemon juice. Also, to increase hair volume, add curd and one tbsp of amla powder.
  4. For a thicker mixture, add an egg and lemon juice to the henna mixture.

To get the most out of your henna hair color, check out these henna hair dye tips

Natural Henna Products

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