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Natural Herbal is a proprietorship agency, known widely as henna manufacturers. Our business comes with the sole mission to provide the best and 100% genuine natural products. We are the manufacturers of Henna Cones, Henna Based Hair Dyes, Senna, cosmetic herbal products, medicinal herbs, and many other Herbal Products.

Our firm curates all types of natural and organic products for medicinal, beauty, or wellness purposes. The products sold are genuine and do not contain any additives. Now let’s move on to how we produce our organic henna cones from fresh leaves to packaging –

Our Natural Henna Cones are manufactured using natural henna leaves by sorting, grinding, and specific filtering processes. Only the best henna leaves, which provide deep pigmentation, are used. Our modernized production techniques make very fine consistent free flowing henna powder.


The Process – Explained By Henna Cones Manufacturers


Firstly, Henna leaves are plucked from Henna farms or natural surroundings manually with the help of our most trusted manpower. Then we move to the leaves sorting procedure.


In the sorting procedure, the henna leaves, which are raw and are without any infections or decay are selected for further processing. We, as the best manufacturers of henna cones, pick out the highest quality Henna Leaves and then take those for the next step, that is, grinding.


Now, the henna leaves are sun-dried and then crushed to make a fine powder in fully automatic machines.

Henna Grinding Process


After completion of the grinding process, we get henna powder. This fine henna powder is then filtered in the machine and two to four times manually through cloth to remove all the impurities.


After undergoing the manufacturing process now comes the packaging. It is significant to pack henna products properly to avoid any damage or contamination. Sometimes double packaging and sealing are done to maintain extra freshness. These packets are made containing different quantities using an electronic weighing machine depending upon the requirement of the buyers. We also offer customized or private labeling as per clients’ requirements.

Benefits of Natural Herbal’s HennaNatural Henna Cones

As the best henna cones manufacturers, Natural Herbal has the best organic henna cones, which also have the following qualities:

  • Skin Friendly
  • 100% pure
  • Chemical-free
  • Gives rich color
  • Moisture free packing

Our Instant Henna Cones Range

At Natural Herbal, we manufacture instant Henna Cones, which include Camilla Black Cone, Camilla Red Cone, Camilla Orange Cone, Camilla Maroon Cone, Camilla Brown Cone. All our Mehendi cones provide deep and long-lasting color pigmentation. We make sure that all our products are clinically tested, with No Ammonia and PPD. It has no side effects on the skin and is suitable for every skin type.

Tips On How To Use And Store Henna Cones

Check out the following tips courtesy of the henna cones manufacturers and suppliers:

  • Cut
    Cut the tip of the henna cones carefully as per the need to achieve a clean and clear Mehendi design.
  • Create
    Creating the outer design of Mehendi put more pressure and to fill those places less pressure.
  • Intensify
    To intensify henna color, apply mustard oil after henna dries.
  • Long-lasting
    Apply lemon juice mixed with sugar on hand to stick henna for longer hours.

Mehendi Design

  • Leave
    Leave it for a longer duration and dry naturally after applying the balm.
  • Store
    Store it in a cool place to keep it for a long duration and to achieve better results.

For more such tips, check out the amazing henna design ideas.

One-Stop Store For Henna & Herbal Products – Natural Herbal

Who doesn’t like to pamper skin, hair and maintain their health with the best? Here comes another trend of natural and organic products. Many of us often get attracted to false claims and promises of different brands that sometimes end up giving disheartening results. But, with our herbal products, we ensure that you get what we claim. Though the results are not instant, but will definitely be beneficial in the long run.

Don’t forget to check out the many benefits of henna cones at Natural Herbal, which are manufactured to perfection.

We hope this manufacturing process shows transparency with our clients. To buy natural henna cones, henna leaves, and other henna products visit us. We are the leading manufacturers of henna

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