Henna For Weddings

Mehndi is one of the world’s oldest kinds of body art. Mehendi is a Hindi and Arabic word that comes from the Sanskrit word ‘mendhika,’ which refers to the henna plant. You must be familiar with it as a majority of people use henna for weddings. 

Henna was popular for its high therapeutic value in ancient times. Consequently, this appears to be its main claim to fame even today. Henna was utilised in several cultures spanning Europe, the Arabian Peninsula, and the Indian subcontinent for distinct customs. In India, henna is a popular symbol of love and prosperity. The art of applying Henna for weddings and other festivals is a legacy that carries on from generation to generation for centuries in India.

Henna Benefits & Properties 

  • It is a symbol of love and affection, without which no Indian wedding is complete.
  • Henna promotes hair growth, thus brides choose to use it three to four days before their wedding to have beautiful, healthy hair on their special day.
  • Henna has cooling properties. It provides great relief from stress and anxiety when one applies henna during weddings. As a result, there are separate mehndi celebrations which are even more fun with the presence of family and friends. 
  • Because of its skin-friendly and 100% chemical nature, Henna has grown so much in popularity that now even many celebrities like Rihanna are flaunting their looks with henna. 

People love the aroma of henna, due to which Henna has become highly popular among millennials as they are bringing new ideas daily for body art. 

Henna For Weddings – Know About The Traditions In India

In India, henna finds its use in a variety of cultures. The use of henna has a long history which has links to popular sentiment. You can even witness Hindu gods and goddesses with henna decorations on their hands. Throughout the year, one can use natural henna for practically all significant celebrations and festivals. Indians mostly tend to use henna for weddings, along with several other occasions like Diwali, engagements, the birth of a child, naming ceremonies and fasting ceremonies such as Karwa Chauth, Teej, Eid etc.

Henna For Brides

There is a traditional belief, that says the darker the Mehandi or henna stain, the deeper the love between two individuals. Even in today’s day and age, several people are engaging themselves in the art of Henna for weddings and numerous other events. 

Preparation Of Henna For Weddings

Mehndi paste is prepared from dried powdered henna leaves. The leaves are sun-dried, crushed, and pureed to make a fine murky green powder, which is then blended with water and lemon juice. You can add a few drops of peppermint oil as well to make a paste. For an excellent dark stain, one has to soak the paste overnight and then fill it into a plastic cone. Some people use smaller cones for easy application.

Henna Paste For Weddings

Source: Beauty Palette

One can trim the tips of the henna cones as per the required depth of the lines. As a result, it ensures a smooth, continuous flow of Mehndi. Afterwards, the cones are lightly squeezed. The application usually begins on the forearms and continues down the hand, ending at the fingertips.

For 100% organic and made from fresh henna leaves you can go for Camilla Henna cone or Camilla Henna powder and prepare it at your home whenever you want. It is an ideal choice to use natural henna for weddings. 

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Importance Of Henna For Weddings In India

Mehendi is a “shagun” in regards to the fact that it signifies the holy tie of wedlock. Furthermore, it symbolizes the couple’s and their families love, empathy, and respect. As a result, a Mehendi Ceremony is of the most popular pre-wedding festivity. 

Henna For Brides

This is where Natural Herbal’s Camilla Henna Cones come in. These instant henna cones are some of the best in the market to provide dark pigmentation. 

Bollywood’s Favorite Sojat Mehandi

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