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As a part of its legacy, henna is carrying on the tradition of bringing people together through its natural goodness. Whether it’s a wedding, a festival or just another special occasion, henna has been the go-to choice for centuries. It is safe, organic and absolutely perfect for adorning the body with beautiful designs. But only if you get it from the right source. Henna products in India are easily available and have been even exported to different countries like USA, UAE, Canada in bulk because of their popularity and authenticity. 

Products surrounding the Henna plant that originated in India have become increasingly popular worldwide. The plant’s natural dye is now heavily used by stylists due to its rich coloring and can be found in an array of hair products such as shampoos, facial masks, body paints, etc. 


Henna Mahendi

Popular Natural Henna Products in India 

Henna products in India that are manufactured and supplied from Natural Herbal have increasingly become much preferred by many. The popular range of henna products has not only been the top choice of top Bollywood- Hollywood couples like Katrina-Vicky, Priyanka-Nick. But it has also been growing rapidly, making them the first choice of many artists worldwide. So let’s take a look at some of the most popular henna products that Natural Herbal has to offer.

Natural Henna Leaves

Henna leaves have long been used as a hair dye or body art. These are great as a hair treatment product which also provides color to hair, palms, and nails. The leaves are used at the very beginning. These can be dried and milled into a fine powder and sold in packs or pots.

Henna Leaves are best known for their ability to provide natural hair color and conditioning. These are the best alternatives to chemical dyes. Many only have natural henna leaves as their first choice, whether for hair dyes or for body art. We ensure that you get maximum benefits from our range because we handpick the best quality natural henna leaves. These are 100% organic and come along with many properties from being the best natural dye to providing a good stain on the skin as body art.


Henna Leaves Supplier

Natural Henna Powder

As far as henna products in India go, Natural henna powder is one of the most popular. It is also one that finds the most usage out of all the other variants. Natural Henna powder is made from henna leaves, Lawsonia inermis, which are dried naturally. The leaves are then ground into a sheer and smooth powder that is free of additives or artificial coloring agents. The natural henna powder creates a smooth and creamy texture that sits on the skin well, creating a nice stain of color. It can also be used as a natural dye or to create temporary tattoos.

Our natural henna powder contains no chemicals and its rich red color comes from lawsone which ensures the dark color.

Natural Henna Cone Powder

This is one of the most famous henna products in India, which has long held a place in the hearts of every Indian. Henna cone powder is a natural product that is used for thousands of years for making beautiful designs on hands and feet. It is made from henna leaves, which are crushed into fine powders and packed in cones or tubes.

Our natural henna cone powder can be used to make body art tattoos which are a very popular trend nowadays. This cone powder needs to be mixed with water to make a fine paste. Then all you have to do is apply it after filling it in cones for beautiful mehendi designs.

Natural Herbal – A Leading Manufacturer Of Henna Products in India

Natural Herbal has been involved in the large production of henna products and supplies it throughout the world.  Our henna products are 100% pure, unadulterated and absolutely free from any harmful chemical. Our other quality products range includes Natural Herbal Henna Powder, Hair Treatment Henna, Neutral Henna and more. As one of the largest manufacturers and global suppliers of henna products, our services also include private labeling of the products in large quantities. 

We deal in bulk exports of natural henna and herbal products. Our dedicated team works day in and day out to ensure our company can continue servicing customers at every level every step of the way. All so you can get the best of our services and products which meet your expectations. 

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