Henna For Hair & Body Art

Leave it to some of the best henna suppliers like Natural Herbal to provide the most effective henna products for body art and hair dye. 

Have you been considering henna as a hair dye alternative to other dyes? Then you will be making a good decision since it is natural. As you know, henna has been in use for ages with a long history going back to ancient Egypt and Southern Asia. It is safe to use on your hair and even for body art. However, commercial interest in Henna has led to the product becoming adulterated. For henna hair dyes that are contaminated, they end up giving you a weird color. On the other hand, black henna tattoos can contain dangerous chemicals such as Para-phenylenediamine (PPD) that can cause inflammation and blisters. Thus, it is important to find a legit henna supplier. 

The Different Uses of Natural Herbal’s Henna Products 

Whether you’re a hairstylist or a retailer, you can rest assured to find one of the few genuine henna manufacturers and suppliers in India with Natural Herbal. We use only the natural henna leaves and powder which are chemical-free and 100% pure. This makes it safe for your skin. Here is a little bit more information about henna products by the henna suppliers, Natural Herbal: 

Our henna can be used for two purposes: body art and hair dye.

1. Body Art Henna

In India, Mehndi is considered a ‘shagun’ in the pure bond of marriage. A bride applies henna the day before during a wedding to provoke good health and prosperity as she takes on her new journey. The Mehndi ceremony is quite an important one not only for the females – males can join too. However, in this age and day, henna body art is not limited to ceremonies. People are taking it a notch higher and are using them to make temporary tattoos. 

Henna For Body Art Tottoo

Natural henna tattoos are considered safe. For instance, Natural Henna Cone Powder can be turned into a paste and stored into cones to use for body art. Also, Camilla Henna Cones are ready to be used to create amazing body art designs. As one of the leading natural henna suppliers, Natural Herbal offers a wide range of products.  

2. Henna Hair Dye

Natural Herbal, the henna suppliers offer a wide range of henna-based hair dyes. You can opt for Henna Herbal Powder which contains other herbs such as Amla, Neem, Shikakai, Methi, Brahmi, Bhringraj, and Jatamashi. It strengthens and nourishes your hair and helps get rid of dandruff. If you are looking to add some edge with hair dye, Natural Herbal has a wide variety of other henna-based products. Some of these include Camilla Black Hair Dye, Camilla Burgundy Hair Dye, and Camilla Brown Hair Dye. Although they contain a 3% percentage of chemicals they are mixed with pure henna to make them 100% safe to use. They have no parabens and are also ammonia-free. 

Henna Hair Color Suppliers

On the other hand, you can mix henna with Indigo dye to give your hair a black or brown color. Indigo is a dark blue dye that is extracted from the Indigofera tinctoria plant. Although it is used for clothes and printing it does not harm your hair. It stimulates growth and gives shine. However, you need to apply henna first as a treatment and then apply Indigo. Just like these steps to dye hair

You can also use Neutral Henna Powder from organic henna manufacturers & suppliers without worrying about the coloring effect. 

Are Henna Products Offered By Natural Herbal 100% Natural?

There are very few legit henna suppliers left, and Natural Herbal is one of them. All henna products are 100% pure and do not contain any toxins. The Camilla Henna Powder does have mild chemicals but is ammonia and paraben-free. 

Our products ensure that the standards are maintained right from the picking process to the packaging. During harvesting, the henna leaves are picked by the best manpower and only the high-quality ones are selected. They are grounded by machines and then filtered to remove the impurities. To maintain the freshness of the product double packing is done so that you get the best product. 

You can get your favorite products from the best henna suppliers and look no further than Natural Herbal. 

Is Natural Herbal Known As Henna Suppliers Worldwide?

Yes. Natural Herbal is one of the largest henna exporters in India. Our products are exported to different countries across the world from UAE to the USA. 

Due to 100% authentic quality according to the international standards, our products are popular worldwide. We are not just known as natural henna suppliers but leading natural products suppliers around the globe. 

Do try our products and experience the best results. Browse our wide natural products collection on our website. 

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