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As suppliers of natural henna sand herbal products, we know what important place the Ayurvedic herbs have in India. The country is well-known for its Ayurvedic herbs because of their various health benefits and India is also one of the great producers of herbs after China. The medicinal herbs in India are known for their organic quality and purity. You can easily cultivate them because they have the lowest cultivation price. 

Natural henna has great features and it is used for different purposes such as conditioner, hair dye, etc. You can use natural henna products to make your hair silky smooth or deep conditioning. When used to apply the powder to the hair, it will color the hair quite effectively like a natural hair dye. If you want to add volume to your hair then the henna powder is great for you. 

This ayurvedic herb also has a great medicinal value and is also used as a body tattoo. In an Indian wedding, a henna body tattoo plays an important role. 

Natural Henna Products Suppliers & Manufacturers

There are various popular manufacturers of herbal products that supply natural henna products in various forms. Natural Herbal is one of the leading brands of manufacturing different products from the henna plant. We provide high-quality products that come straight from nature without abusing nature’s blessings with artificial agents. 

Established in 2004, Natural Herbal has emerged as one of the popular manufacturers and suppliers of henna in India. We are known for our herbal as well as henna products worldwide. We constantly strive to provide the best customer service.  

Following is the list of the henna products you can browse on our website and enquire for: 

Henna Leaves

Natural Herbal has one of the best manufacturing processes in the market by which we provide you with 100% organic henna leaves. Henna leaves come in handy for making Mehendi for special occasions. The henna leaves by Natural Herbal will definitely provide deep coloration. The Mehendi from these leaves can enhance the already beautiful Mehandi designs.

 Natural Henna Leaves Suppliers  

Henna Powder

The henna powder at Natural Herbal is one of the popular products because of its features.

Natural Henna Powder Suppliers

There are several types of henna powders available at Natural Herbal. Some of which are: 

1. Natural Herbal Henna Powder

This powder by the natural henna suppliers contains a unique blend of different herbs which have the cure properties such as Amala, Aritha, Shikakai, Neem, Brahmi, Bhringraj, Methi, and Jatamansi. These natural herbs are chemical-free and 100% organic. This will help to remove dandruff and give shiny hair. 

2. Hair Treatment Henna Powder

This henna powder is mainly used for treating dandruff, hair fall, split ends, and hair conditioning. The natural henna product is skin-friendly and comes with moisture-free packaging. It also does not contain any side effects, hence giving the hair the ultimate treatment and color. 

3. Neutral Henna

This product does not contain any coloration effects. But, if you’re looking for all the benefits of henna except the color, then this is the one to go for.

Being the natural henna suppliers, we make sure you only get the best natural haircare products with no side effects. 

Henna Based Hair Dyes

Henna-Based Hair Dye

Henna-based hair dyes are made from organic herbs and not with chemicals, therefore, they don’t contain any side effects. There are different hair dye colors available on the Natural Herbal such as orange, black, brown, blue, etc. This product is also suitable for every hair type. For manufacturing, we use high-tech equipment and supply the best henna products. 

Henna Cones

Best Henna Cones

Lastly, Natural Herbal is also one of the best suppliers of natural henna cones. These offer deep pigmentation when used for creating various Mehendi designs. These high-quality cones have chemical-free henna powder. This product is suitable for all skin types and comes in moisture-free packaging.

What more? Well, you can also find henna cone powder on our site. With the high efficient management staff, Natural Herbal is one of the best suppliers & exporters of henna cones in bulk. 

Buy Natural Henna In Bulk From The Leading Manufacturer, Supplier, & Exporter

At Natural Herbal, you get premium varieties of natural herbal products. Our natural henna is a top-grade material without any defects. Moreover, each of the products is certified by ISO, GMP, Organic for all the above products.

You can also find our products on Amazon.

Buy only from an expert natural herbs company and the natural henna suppliers to feel the difference! 

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