Henna Cone Powder (Triple Sifted BAQ)

Our Camilla Henna Cone Powder is made out of natural best henna leaves by sorting, grinding, and specific filtering. Only the best henna leaves, which produce deep coloration are used by us who is not available anywhere else. Our modernized production process makes very fine consistent free flowing henna powder.

Why Our Camilla Henna Cone Powder?

1. Skin Friendly.
2. 100% pure and chemical-free.
3. Gives rich color.
4. Moisture-free packing.


Quality BAQ henna cone powder that’s been certified as organic is the best option to use to prepare any henna paste. This sort of henna does not have any nasty metallic salts or other non-organic ingredients, making it a safe choice for people who want to dye their hair or apply this to their body as well. Good quality organic henna like what is offered by Natural Herbal really separates itself from the competition because you don’t have to spend hours trying to wash out all those toxins from your hair after you’ve applied the paste!

Natural Herbal provides you with the best Henna Cone Powder. Made with 100% organic ingredients, our products are Ecocert certified. You can get this BAQ Henna Cone Powder in bulk.

You can also check out our collection of henna cones available in various colors.


1. Put Natural Henna Cone Powder into a bowl. If in need of a very dark stain, you can mix sugar and lemon juice.
2. Make a consistent paste of the BAQ Henna Powder, Cover with plastic wrap.
3. Set aside to await dye release. It will take 4-6 hours.
4. Put your henna in individual cones and freeze until you are ready to use them.


BAQ Henna For Dark Hair

One of the many uses of this henna powder is to promote hair growth and strength. One can also witness BAQ henna reducing dandruff and other similar problems after usage. It also keeps the hair health in check while giving hair a deep dark brown color without any harsh chemicals!

BAQ henna powder for hair has many benefits to the hair & scalp. They include:

  • Stops hair loss and stimulates hair growth
  • Helps in deep conditioning and moisture retention
  • Adds natural curls, waves, and volume to hair
  • Adds a natural dark brown color to hair
  • Makes hair silkier, healthier, and shinier


Additional information




3 year




Natural Henna Powder with no additives


1KG Cloth Bag Packaging


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