Soapnuts for Laundry Purpose

Natural Herbal is a leading exporter and supplier of soapnuts in their raw form. We source them sustainably without using any type of chemical agents throughout the process.

We export soapnuts for laundry in powder form, shell form, and whole form to different countries in Europe and other continents.

Soapnuts are highly effective and reasonable for laundry wash. 1 kg soapnut lasts up to 330 washes. Besides, they work well for both front and top-loading washing machines.

Why Natural Herbal’s Soapnuts For Laundry?

– Gentle & Eco-friendly
– No Need for Fabric Softeners
– No Harmful Chemical Residue
– Anti-fungal, Anti-microbial & Anti-bacterial


– 1 KG/ 500 GM/ 300 GM plain or printed cotton drawstring bags.
– Zipper muslin wash bags can hold up-to 3 to 5 soapnut shells.
– Also Available Bulk Packaging in 5/10/25 KG HDPE or Aluminum Bags


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